Okay,  so I thought I had been keeping my event page updated and clearly haven’t been. Sorry.

First off, I will be at the Moonshine Lunch Run, though I won’t have a booth or anything.  Just going for a burger, but if you see me say hello. I don’t think I will have any books there, but will sign anything if asked.

My first speaking event the year will be Horizon’s Unlimited Virginia. It’s the second year for this event, near Appomattox. I will have books there, and will be giving talks on various motorcycle things. There will be a lot of other great speakers as well, check out their page.

In May will again be presenting at Overland Expo West. Not as many classes as last year, but trust me when I say if there is something you want to know about overlanding or adventure travel, there will be someone at OX who can help you.

June I will be back at an Horizon’s Unlimited event, this time in Canada. It’s a new venue, but I will say it’s nicer to be in Ontario in the summer rather than fall.