Overland Budgets Part Three – What is $60 a day?

I had an earlier post about dollars per day, and mentioned $60. I use this as a friendly benchmark when I talk about budgets in classes. It’s fun number – low enough many people used to their two-week see EVERYTHING whirlwind trip (the one you need a couple weeks to recover from) don’t believe is possible, while anyone who has done some serious, long term travel will consider a ridiculously extravagant sum.

For many people who are just getting started with longer trips, or are used to frantic, two week vacation that leave you needing another two weeks to recover, $60 doesn’t seem anywhere near enough. When I ask at a workshop “who thinks they can travel on $60 a day?” I don’t get many hands raised. So what is $60 a day, really?

$420 a week
$1,680 a month
$21,840 a year

Who doesn’t think they can travel on more than $21,000 a year?

It’s actually even more amazing than that. If you are earning $21,840 a year, you are in the top 3% of the richest people in the world (according to information from CARE international).

Of course, $60 a day isn’t an infinite amount of money, but it is more than enough to travel on, provided you follow some simple rules. Those will be in a later post.