Things to Buy for Yourself

Okay, so I am probably a little late on this – but assuming you have some Christmas money left over and want get to a few things for yourself I have a couple ideas.

The first couple items are books. I know. That people are reading this from all over the planet, so some of you are in warm places. Here in the Midwest, snow has finally arrived, and it’s rarely above freezing. While motorcycle riding is still possible, I don’t travel as much in this weather so I make up for it by reading. There are always a couple new books, but a few books seem to end up in my “reading” pile over and over.

Jupitor’s Travels – Ted Simon – I read this late in my motorcycle life, and after I was already taking long, long trips in North America. It’s not quite a bible for overland travelers, but I know a lot, a whole lot, of motorcycle travelers who point at this book as the reason.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert Pirsig – Most of the people who don’t put their motorcycle travel itch on Ted Simon, instead put it on Pirsig (Myself included). He has always maintained (see what I did there?) the book is about his philosophy of Quality, and not a travel book. Still, it is the road trip that caught my attention when I read it, and the beautiful isolation for thinking he demonstrates motorcycles are so good for.

5000 Miles and 8000 RPM – Joe Berk – This is my new book for this early winter. I got it with the RX3, so I could know more about the motorcycle. If you are looking for a ride report of a book, you will probably be disappointed. Instead, most of 5000 miles is the story of bringing the RX3 to the USA, and the trip around the western United States simply takes place at the end. It has nice anecdotes, both about the author and the bike, and is light reading.


Adventure Motorcyclist Handbook – Chris Scott – Okay, this is the bible for overland travel by motorcycle. It was the only physical book (well, and the service manual) that I brought with on my trip, and it has everything. If you want to spend more than a long weekend on your bike and only want to get one book – get this one (seriously).

Yes, I have books too, and you should by all means go buy them.

But being trapped in the winter shouldn’t be all about reading – I like to think of myself as a doer of things and while I love to read, I can’t just wait two months for the ice to melt.

Anki Overdrive – Anki is a newer company which has brought back one of my favorite memories of youth – slot cars. Only these are digital, which means they can do more than the ones I grew up wishing we had in the house. You need a smart device (Android or iOS) to play, and this newer version is (reportedly) way better than the initial offering (which was just called Anki Drive).


Okay, so assuming you aren’t spent out, or are ready to get something for yourself after buying for everyone else you might know – thats my list of suggestions. I want to do more reviews, and might try to get two posts a week in – assuming you all offer some review suggestions.

So – any suggestions?


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