So, this is what happened –

I’d been building up content for Minimal Motorcyclist in fits and starts. Okay, to be honest I was having a really good summer full of adventures and was pretty sure I would get a lot more done over the winter.

I don’t really know what happened, but somewhere, somehow, I didn’t click all the right things for my GoDaddy hosting. I entered in that it was paid in my account, then hit the road for a couple weeks. During those weeks, the hosting expired and the site was deleted. GoDaddy offers a recovery service, but it’s not cheap and since I had been working on redesigning the site anyway, I’ve decided to go with the serendipitous nuclear approach.

If you are here looking for my books, those are still for sale through my Square store. If you want to read travel tales (also my personal blog) that is over here. This site will be getting rebuilt over then end o 2015 and start of 2016, so subscribe to get the updates as they…update I guess. I promise good things, so stick with me.


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