This Thing About Packing

I talk a lot about packing. I admit it, this is the content that got Minimal Motorcyclist started in the first place. It’s a popular thing to talk about among motorcyclists, and many people know they are carrying too much, and dream of a way to cut back. This leads naturally to minimalism. But – … More This Thing About Packing


Road Blogs

Look, a lot of us want to share our story. Some of the things we, as travelers, get to do just feels so surreal sharing it with friends and family (and any one else online who finds us) just makes it seem more real. Not a lot more real, but just a little. For many … More Road Blogs

CSC Motorcycle RX3 Review – part 3 (Overlanding)

Long, long ago I promised a review ofthe RX3,  CSC’s 250cc adventure bike, as an actual overlanding machine. I’d begged off making any comments right away because,well, I hadn’t gone anywhere on it. If you are going to say a bike is good for traveling, you have to travel. Spend a couple weeks living out … More CSC Motorcycle RX3 Review – part 3 (Overlanding)